Aug. 27th, 2007

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According to the descriptions of King Solomon's Temple given in the Bible, there were three dyes used in the decoration of the Temple: Techelet, Tola-at Sheni, and Argamon. Techelet was blue, Tola-at Sheni was red, and Argamon was purple (sometimes called "Royal Purple").

In addition to their literal use in the construction of King Solomon's Temple, these colors also metaphorically have spiritual significance. Specifically, they are said to relate to three parts of the human soul: the animal soul (red), the spiritual soul (blue), and the human spirit (purple) which mediates between the two. In addition, the blue and red can be thought of as the principles of "Mercy" and "Severity" or "Wisdom" and "Strength" with purple or Argamon referring to the principle of "Balance" or "Beauty" which unifies and completes the set. These principles are alluded to in the symbols of a Masonic lodge.

Ultimately, Argamon relates to balance and reconciliation in all things. As such it is a fitting emblem of our attempt to make ourselves better men through Masonry and through our project to get a group of men together to petition for the charter of a new Masonic lodge dedicated to the spiritual aims of Masonry.


Aug. 27th, 2007 10:35 pm
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When petitioning to form a new lodge, do the Masons have to be under the Grand Lodge of Mass, or do they just have to be in good standing with a Grand Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Mass?


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